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The astronomy research in CCNU has begun since 1980s and obtained a rapid development since 2000s. The astronomy group currently consists of 6 faculties and about 20 master/PhD students, carrying out researches in four different directions as follows.
Particle Astrophysics
By according to the theories and experiments of particle physics, nuclear physics, and gravity, we study the equation of state, the structure, the evolution, and some violent activities of compact stars, e.g., neutron stars, hybrid stars, or quark stars, and s well as the models of and observational constraints on dark matter.
High-Energy Astrophysics
By modeling the spectra and light curves, we try to reveal the origin, physics, and processes of transient astronomical phenomena, e.g., supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, fast radio bursts, etc. We also work on the multi-messenger astronomy by using observations of cosmic rays, neutrinos, gravitational waves, and their electromagnetic counterparts.
Laboratory Astrophysics
The lines in the rotation and oscillation spectra of interstellar medium molecules are measured in laboratory and applied in the astronomical spectral analysis. We also study the treatment, application, and visualization of the large astronomical data, in particular, in astronomical education.
We analyze the observational data such as Cosmic Microwave Background, Type Ia supernovae, and the Large Scale Structure of the universe, by which we study the cosmological phenomena and theoretical problems, and develop cosmological models, to describe the evolution of the universe and make possible predictions.

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